Long-standing chronic leg ulcer response to “Golden Medic”

An elderly Lady, Etrisia van Royen that had been suffering from two severe long standing left leg, ankle ulcers for the past 4 yrs was presented for treatment with “G M”, after unsuccessful conventional treatment by a “GP”, a Medical Specialist, a renown senior Nurse, and her husband, using considerable and variable current normal medications, all without any success.

The leg ulcers were thoroughly cleaned with mild soap and water, followed by dilute  Hydrogen peroxide. Then patted dry with paper tissue and covered with ‘Golden medic’ powder, left open to the air.

As can be seen patches of the powder wore off overnight, but already the wounds showed signs of drying out, and less inflammation, after only 18hrs. Thereafter there was a severe reaction to the G M powder that was suspected to have been caused by chemical action with the serum, this caused a blackening of the powder and intense pain and inflammation of the surrounding area. Almost certainly due to cupric oxide formation.

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