Golden Medic® The Original


Golden Medic THE ORIGINAL a Natural Powder -Helps with Primary Care for infection control & pain relief allows natural healing of external skin.

Golden Medic is a 100% natural micro fine brass power containing copper and zinc only. Both are essential base elements required for life, This metal powder is classified by the World Health Organisation as Class 5, i.e. Non-Toxic. Approved by the US EPA and FDA for antimicrobial use.

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Golden Medic – reputed to have extremely powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-toxin effects that assist in rapid scar-reduced natural repair of the skin. It works best when applied as a dry powder and left open to the air. This allows the skin to heal as it is designed to do naturally.  Do NOT remove any healing or scab formation. Our bodies have a natural healing process; this powder allows and assists, this natural process to occur.


  • Golden Medic is said to have excellent results with ALL infections including the following:
  • Burns (no need for dressing changes).
  • Wounds, scratches, cuts, grazes, bruises.
  • Bedsores, ulcers, mouth ulcers & sores
  • Rashes, Psoriasis, Shingles, Impetigo
  • Acne (acute and prevention).
  • Fungal infections and warts.
  • Spider, insect and marine bites and stings.
  • Sprains and painful joints.

Contract Tracextec Medical Adviser for detailed instructions on your specific condition. 


  • Clean the affected area well removing all previous medications, dirt, pus, etc.
  • Pat dry with a clean tissue.
  • Shake bottle upside down and apply Golden Medice powder directly to completely cover the lesion/condition and surrounding area.
  • Unscrew cap to dust powder dr directly ecly onto an open wound.
  • Spread the powder with an ear bud or clean well-wetted finger to ensure direct and complete contact with the affected area.
  • Avoid covering as it works best when left open to the air. If it must be covered use only a loose gauze dressing that allows air circulation.
  • Remove dressing as soon as natural scab forms Reapply the powder twice daily or as required Do NOT remove any residual powder or scab formation; just add more power when needed.


  • For external use only.
  • Do NOT mix Golden Medice with any other medication, ointment, cream or treatment as it may turn black and become irritant.
  • If the affected area becomes sweaty, the powder may turn black and become irritant.
  • Should either of above occur; wash the powder off with soap and water, dry the area and re-apply Golden Medics powder.
  • Do not inhale; it will cause coughing.
  • Do not swallow large amounts; it will upset the intestinal flora.
  • Do not get into the eyes; it is very gritty. If this occurs rinse out repeatedly with salad oil and then warm water to remove the oil.
  • Consult your health professional if skin conditions do not improve.


D Complimentary Medicine


Do not use on individuals who have allergies to copper or zinc.


  • Keep out of reach of children. Keep the bottle closed. Does not require special storage conditions. Has long shelf life
  • Scheduling Status- not scheduled.
  • Interactions- no known interaction
  • Side Effects – powder may react with other chemicals or medicines and become irritant; see Precautions. No other known side effects
  • Pregnancy & Lactation – safety not established
  • Over dosage- no known symptoms
  • Identification – Dry golden colour micro fine powder with slight zinc smell that sticks to skin.
  • Presentation – Small glass or plastic bottle with small roller cap or top. 3g Fine golden colour powder, provides more than 150 normal doses or covers 500 square centimetres of affected skin area.

If in doubt consult your Health Professional or contact TraceXtec Medical Adviser

This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, nor cure any disease.

Golden Medic is scientifically formulated and recommended by Doctors and health professionals to help with a wide variety of skin conditions. Tests show it is effective against all microbes and relieves pain when placed in direct contact, It is non-toxic and no known absorption, even through broken skin.

Developed and patented by: TraceXtec (Pty) Ltd

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