Why is  “GOLDEN MEDIC” such a remarkable product?

: – Because it has the following properties that are uniquely exceptional: –

  1. It aids natural antimicrobial action that destroys infective Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, Yeasts, Mycoplasma, and anything that does not have red blood , safely and continually without generating any resistant organisms.
  2. It helps reduce local pain, without any numbing effect.
  3. It stimulates stem cells at the site of damage, that results faster natural healing and minimal scaring.  
  4. It is Angiogenetic, increasing blood flow to the area, particularly useful in Diabetics with lower leg damage.
  5. It reduces swelling and inflammation.
  6. There is an anti-toxin effect with Marine, Insect, Spider bites and sting
  7. 7. It is stable and does not require special storage temperatures
  8. It is safe to use as directed because it contains only natural essential minerals, Copper & Zinc, that are necessary for life. We have a natural body excretory mechanism that will excrete any excess of these minerals as required. (This is not the case with widely used silver)
  9. There is a halo effect that means it does not have to be in contact, just nearby, this has been tested up to 2 m away 
  10. The powder is not absorbed either through the skin nor even raw tissue, as the particles are too large, they are hydrophobic, but lipophilic.
  11. The parent metal alloy, of Copper and zinc, is classified by USA, EPA/FDA as suitable for Antimicrobial use. The powder classed by WHO as class 5 – Non Toxic.

No other product can offer so much assistance.

See the wide variety of conditions for which “Golden Medic” has been found to be useful: –

Bruises, grazes, scratches, cuts, wounds, Burns Open blisters. Warts. Acne.

 Acute Shingles, Impetigo & rashes. Abscesses & Boils.  Resistant & mouth Ulcers. Bedsores. Cold sores – Herpes virus. Fungal infections – athletes’ foot, nail and body patches, Stings and bites from Insects, Spiders, Sea life & plant toxins. Local pain relief, Arthritis, Metatarsalgia (sore footpads). Long lasting hand steriliser and long-lasting body Deodorizer.

On Animals it is particularly useful for burns, that reduces scaring and encourages new hair growth, for hard-to-treat Otitis Externa, Lick granuloma, Proud flesh lesions, where an alcoholic suspension of “Special Golden Medic” helps stop bleeding after surgical removal. Nonspecific scratching, and a wide variety of other external lesions

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